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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Ivory Coast: No Blood for Cocoa?

A unilateral invasion without the permission of the United Nations. Thousands of civilian deaths. Mass graves uncovered. A foreign power imposing its will on a xenophobic, restless, resentful populace. Massive protests in the streets against the meddling foreigners, calling their leader a "terrorist" and "enslaver." More troops pouring in, desperately trying to keep order and failing. Widespread fear of a quagmire. Whole segments of the population begging President Bush to help them expel the hated French invaders...

Hang on... what was that last part again?

On 19 September 2002, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) erupted into civil war. Two separate rebel factions fought each other and the government for control of the African nation, which produces about 43% of the world's cocoa. Both the Popular Ivorian Movement for the Far West (MPIGO) and the Ivory Coast Patriotic Movement (MPCI) attempted to overthrow President Laurent Gbagbo, taking control of the largely Muslim northern part of the country. At least one of the rebel groups (MCPI) may have ties to the neighboring country of Burkina Faso. The rebels claim to be loyal to the country's former leader, General Robert Guei, who seized power in a military coup in 1999 but lost it after the election of 2001, when protest against the rigged election brought the runner-up (Gbagbo) to power. He died on the first day of fighting, but the various insurrections continued. A few hundred French paratroopers entered the country to protect the 19,000 French nationals living there, but soon found themselves battling the rebels. American Special Forces landed as well, but only to evacuate trapped students from an American school. Over 1,000 French troops set up a "buffer zone" to divide the country in half in October 2002, but it had little effect. French troops put down protesters with tear-gas as they chanted "Down with France" and "Chirac the enslaver."

A third major rebel group emerged by January 2003 -- the Movement for Peace and Justice (MJP). They absorbed MPIGO, but continued the fighting. The other main group, the MCPI, signed a cease-fire with the Ivorian government. With the emergence of new rebel groups and political parties, the fractured nation had over ten sides to the war by that time. The French government drew up a peace plan that divided the Ivorian President's power. The Linas-Marcoussis Peace Accord created a new cabinet, which would draw members from various opposition parties and rebel groups, and declared that Gbagbo may not run for office again. When Gbagbo and the leaders of several groups signed the plan, the populace erupted in protest against the French. Carrying signs declaring "Chirac is a terrorist" and declaring that "he is killing democracy in Ivory Coast" while begging the US to help expel the French troops, over 100,000 Ivorians marched for four days in the nation's economic capitol, Abidjan, even bombing the French Embassy. President Gbagbo declared the plan he signed to be "null and void."

Finally, in February 2003, the United Nations quietly passed a resolution agreeing to the deployment of the French troops that had been there for five months already. Remember the huge outcry by American Liberals against the unilateral French invasion of Côte d'Iviore? Don't feel badly -- neither do I. Keep in mind that this was the same time period during which the French (and Liberals) were condemning the 46-nation Coalition of the Willing for the "unilateral" invasion of Iraq. By March 2003, there were over 3,000 French troops attempting to put down the rebellion and protect the peace treaty, to no avail. France continued to send troops, and by July 2003, a shaky peace was declared, protected by the 4,000 French troops in the country by then. But the protests, if not the fighting, continued. 

After Ivorian security forces fired on protesters in March 2004, the rebel groups and the main opposition party withdrew from the government in protest themselves, but rejoined the government after two days of talks. 6,000 UN peacekeeping troops were deployed. The country has been relatively quiet since, except for the discovery of mass graves as fighting between rebel factions continues. Now the virulently anti-French protests continue amid escalating violence in Côte d'Ivoire. French troops fought Ivorian soldiers and angry mobs alike, after Ivorian planes killed 9 French soldiers and one American. The French retaliated by destroying the Ivorian planes and helicopters. On 6 November 2004, Reuters reported:

Mob violence erupted in Ivory Coast's national commercial capital, Abidjan, upon France's retaliation, sending thousands of angry loyalists armed with machetes, axes and clubs out into the streets in fiery rampages in search of French targets.
"French go home!" loyalist mobs shouted, as thousands set fire to at least two French schools and tried to storm a French military base, seeking out French civilians as French and Ivory Coast forces briefly traded gunfire.
"Everybody get your Frenchman!" young men screamed to each other, swinging machetes.

How long will it be, I wonder, before the French ask for our help? What should we tell them? Should we say that our own troops are busy fighting in Iraq -- you remember, the place you refused to send troops when we asked for help? Should we remind them that the last time they got in over their heads and asked for American aid was in a place called Dien Bien Phu in 1954, and we'd rather not repeat history? The French loss at Dien Bien Phu led to Vietnam being split in two, and America, having already become invested in the outcome, was almost inexorably drawn into the conflict between North and South. Will we turn our backs on the French in Côte d'Iviore as they continue to do in Iraq, even after the emergence of a democratic government? Jacques Chirac is still trying to cause trouble by snubbing Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. Chirac skipped out on greeting him in Brussels to visit dying terrorist Yasser Arafat.

The question is, can we turn our backs on the Ivorians if they need our help? On the other hand, can we deal with more anti-war protesters in the streets of New York, this time chanting "No Blood For Cocoa?"

UPDATE: Buy yourself or your favorite Français a No Blood for Chocolate! T-shirt. Thanks to DowneastBlog for the link.

UPDATE 2: Little Green Footballs has links to videos of French soldiers firing into a crowd of unarmed civilians protesting their presence. This won't be seen on the mainstream news anytime soon.

Posted at Sunday, November 07, 2004 by CavalierX

November 7, 2004   12:48 AM PST
I don't know about children, but I can think of several women I know who wouldn't mind dying by drowning in chocolate...
vive la france
November 7, 2004   11:44 AM PST
"Whole segments of the population begging President Bush to help them expel the hated French invaders..."
eh ben les pauvres, ils peuvent attendre longtemps ...
ils n'ont pas encore compris qu'il n'y avait pas de pétrole dans leur pays ...
November 7, 2004   12:33 PM PST
Bravo Joe! I hope you don't mind, but I linked to your MND page at my own blog.

"vive le france"
Cote d'Ivoire n'a aucune huile, mais les Français sont des impérialistes.

Personnellement, je dis "Fuck France."
November 7, 2004   12:43 PM PST
Is michael the comunist moore going to make a film about this?
Probably not.
November 7, 2004   03:55 PM PST
>qu'il n'y avait pas de pétrole dans
>leur pays

It's all about oil with you idiots, isn't it? Why not ask Chirac about his shady oil deals with Saddam, eh? How he sold Saddam France's UN vote for oil? No, the French get a pass from you.
November 7, 2004   03:58 PM PST
>mais les Français sont des

I agree... with them, it's all about retaining power and prestige in ther former colonies, never about doing what's right.
November 7, 2004   08:56 PM PST
I want a tee-shirt that says "No blood for cocoa! French Troops out of Ivory Coast - NOW!"
November 7, 2004   09:05 PM PST
Argh, I should have thought of that and had a patented design ready before writing this. :(
November 10, 2004   05:33 PM PST
And they say WE act unilaterally! Screw them! I'm surprised they haven't dropped their rifles all over West Africa already!

Anyways, Cavalier.. I know ya from RWN. Think my site could be added to your blogroll there? Just asking.
November 10, 2004   06:06 PM PST
"I don't know about children, but I can think of several women I know who wouldn't mind dying by drowning in chocolate..."
My old lady would BE one of those women! Haha!
November 10, 2004   07:11 PM PST
Done, TS. Good site. I notice you've got mine listed, but linked to my 31 October entry instead of the main site. Any reason?
November 10, 2004   07:32 PM PST
"Done, TS. Good site. I notice you've got mine listed, but linked to my 31 October entry instead of the main site. Any reason?"
Because I apparently suck at HTML. I'll fix it though. Thanks again man. Much appreciated. See ya at RWN.

Oh! Did ya see the post where I found one of Charleymaggot's previous comments about how she/he/it thought Kerry was gona win? It's on the thread about Scarborough's book.. but.. talk about OWN3D! Haha!
November 12, 2004   07:08 AM PST
It is interesting that France has one rule for the US and another rule for themselves. Why are so many Americans willing to bow to them??????
November 17, 2004   01:24 PM PST
Get over your nationalist rants!

Imperialism is imperialism, so what if it is for cocoa, diamonds or oil?

The Vietnamese national liberation movement first kicked French imperialist arse and then kicked our US imperialist arse.

What next U.S chocalate is better than French chocolate?

At least Chirac was right about Iraq.
November 17, 2004   02:26 PM PST
There's something so sick and twisted about people who side with their own country's enemies. I wonder whether Dean runs screaming from American flags, and cries in pain at the beginning of baseball games when they sing the National Anthem?
November 18, 2004   06:44 AM PST
When your country does something wrong it is wrong.

JM you are starting to sound like a Nazis at the Nuremburg trials who declared 'I was only following orders' - it did not wash then and it does wash now.
November 18, 2004   08:17 AM PST
Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you, Dean, the US didn't do anything wrong by removing Saddam and liberating 25 million Iraqis. Why do you prefer brutal totalitarian dictators? I bet you think Castro and Kim Jong Il are good guys, too. The far-Left fringe has a deep-rooted sickness.
November 18, 2004   08:40 AM PST
Have you been watching the news lately, the Iraqis think they have been invaded and occupied.

Actually I have personally met Castro, he is a great man who helped overthrow the evil SA apartheid system.
November 18, 2004   08:53 AM PST
Guess what? They WERE invaded and occupied, just like Germany and Japan in WWII. Hey, Dean, have you tried talking to some actual Iraqis to find out what they think about their liberation, or do you let the news media do your thinking for you? Check out the links to Iraqi blogs in the sidebar, if you have the guts.
November 18, 2004   10:32 AM PST
The clue is in the title World War II.

Germany attacked the majority of Europe and Japan attacked large parts of Asia, the Pacific and the US -remember Pearl Harbour!

The US, UK, Soviet Union and France defended themselves.

I didn't see Iraq attack any one, neither did they have have any WMD's.

All we have done is create annarchy and a breeding ground for more terrorists and got hold of some oil.
November 18, 2004   10:37 AM PST
Dean, why did we invade Tunisia in WWII? Can you tell me that? Why did we fight over half the islands in the Pacific -- did THEY attack us? Your inability to comprehend basic strategy is typical of the Left. As for Iraq's WMDs, please read the UN's 1999 report as well as the recent reports by David Kay and Charles Duelfer. In fact, read SOMETHING besides the New York Times.
November 18, 2004   10:41 AM PST
Er Doh!

Could it be because the Germans, Italians or Japanese were occupying.

Are you really that stupid?
November 18, 2004   11:01 AM PST
As I said, Liberals cannot grasp strategy. Thanks for proving the point.
Tunisia was where the enemy was weak, as were the Pacific islands. That's how you gain a foothold on their territory. Before embarrasing yourself further, please read "War on Terror: Chess or Checkers" at
November 18, 2004   11:27 AM PST
Thanks for not answering the question.

November 18, 2004   12:29 PM PST

You should bow down to us and we French have better food, better cheese, better wine and better chocolate!
November 19, 2004   10:45 PM PST


It is interesting that France has one rule for the US and another rule for themselves. Why are so many Americans willing to bow to them??????
Paix dans le monde
December 4, 2004   02:12 PM PST
"A unilateral invasion without the permission of the United Nations.
Thousands of civilian deaths. Mass graves uncovered. A foreign power imposing its will on a xenophobic, restless, resentful populace. Massive protests in the streets against the meddling foreigners, calling their leader a "terrorist" and "enslaver."
il faut croire qu'au fin fond de l'Amérique profonde, l'information a du mal à arriver du reste du monde ...
La France n'est présente en Cote d'Ivoire qu'avec la permission de l'ONU qui a légitimiser l'action défensive française.
Il n'y a parmi les civils ivoiriens qu'une soixantaine de morts ("thousands" laissez moi rire) et encore ce sont des chiffres non vérifiés.
Des protestations massives? Mais de qui? De pillards, de creve-la-faim, manipulés par les médias ivoiriens au service de la propagante fasciste de Mr Gbagbo.
Des pillards qui ont violé, volé, blessé des citoyens européenns, incendié leur maison, ruiné la vie d'honnetes gens présents en Cote d'Ivoire depuis des decennies, participant à la modernisation de l'Afrique.
Les soldats français depuis 2 ans maintiennent au péril de leur vie la paix en cote d'ivoire, empechant la guerre civile entre les deux moitiés du pays, empechant à des milliers, des millions d'Ivoiriens la faim, la guerre, la fuite, la mort...
En calomniant ce que fait la France en Afrique, vous reniez ce qu'"essaie de faire" les USA en Irak.
Une Irak où l'action des USA est bien moins légitime que celle de la France en Cote d'Ivoire.
December 4, 2004   03:03 PM PST
For those who don't speak French, the previous comment roughly translates as "who cares about the Ivorians, not very many of them died, the French do what they feel they need to do, the UN said it's all okay now, and Americans are the bad guys." But we already knew all that without translatiing, didn't we?
Name Daly Abell
February 28, 2005   07:36 AM PST
You described the events that took place in Ivory Coast in November 04. You only talked about 9 French soldiers killed by Ivory Coast Army, but did not anywhere mention the 67 unarmed people killed by French soldiers and the 3000 wounded that are still in hospitals even as i write to you. Thereality is that the Ivorians who demonstrated against the french did not have anything in their hands. They had no machettes,no stick.They only had bibles in their hands and signs hostiles to French Army occupation. If you want to see the footage you can.The same French Army shot at the presidential residence for 4hours trying to overthrow him or to kill him.French Army is not different from a savage association of mafia that's keeping West Africa in the mess. Please don't write stories that are not true.Do not write like French Media ,specialized in hiding
the truth. Be bound by the deontology of your Job, Please.

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