Entry: An Interview With The G-Man Sunday, October 02, 2005

On Tuesday, 27 September 2005, I had the honor to be interviewed by none other than G. Gordon Liddy, the G-Man himself, on his nationally-syndicated radio show. If you aren't familiar with his books When I Was A Kid, This Was A Free Country and Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy, you ought to check them out. The interview was in response to my 23 September post, "Goodbye to Anthropogenic Global Warming", which was seen in a reprint at Men's News Daily.

The show's executive producer -- Franklin Raff -- contacted me by email, and I called him back. I was more than half-inclined to think it was a practical joke, at first. There are people who owe me at least one, and one of them even lives in Washington DC. But it was no joke. Mr. Raff was even kind enough to send me an .MP3 of the interview, and I used that to type up an unofficial transcript of the segment. I was surprised to find that it lasted about thirteen minutes (including station identification).

I was, unfortunately, so nervous that I stated my conclusions too forcefully, and completely forgot to mention my own blog. I didn't even really notice when Mr. Liddy mispronounced my name. Still, many people have done worse on their first-ever interview on live radio, I think.


October 2, 2005   02:13 AM PDT

What an excellent job you did, not only with your interview, but with the original post.

Listening to the audio, I heard no nervousness. Don't apologize for making your points too forcefully.

Do we really need to make our points LESS FORCEFULLY???

I'm linking over with:


October 2, 2005   07:29 AM PDT
Thanks, Mike!
October 2, 2005   09:10 AM PDT

Congratulations! This is very exciting stuff.

I remember listening to G. Gordon Liddy's show when stationed in Virginia on WJFK (loved the irony) before he was syndicated.

As Mike said, you did a fantastic job here.

Just to put it in context, I remember hearing Sean Hannity say how nervous he would get and how intimidated he felt calling into talk shows before he began his own career in radio.

So, if a man who now has a #2 nationally syndicated radio talk
show could feel that way, who wouldn't?

The important thing is, nervous or not, you stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park!

October 2, 2005   09:29 AM PDT
Thanks, Matt. I'd certainly like to do it again sometime!
Sister Toldjah
October 2, 2005   10:08 PM PDT
*Great job, Cav!* You sounded great.

When I worked in radio back when I was going through my liberal to conservative conversion, the station I worked for carried Liddy (which aired after the show I produced) and I listened to him during everyday. He was one of my conservative influences :-)
October 3, 2005   12:17 AM PDT
Good on ya, Cavalier X! You did a great job.
October 3, 2005   06:51 AM PDT
Thanks, ST and Monica. :)
October 4, 2005   04:06 AM PDT
Holy crap, man! Well done! I'm going to go listen right now...
October 4, 2005   06:27 AM PDT
LOL, thanks. Hope I get a chance to improve on that performance.. :)
October 10, 2005   11:18 AM PDT
Fantastic job, Cavalier! I've always had a soft spot for G. Gordon Liddy ever since he said "Whoever said crime doesn't pay never met me." Even though you didn't mention your blog (which I prefer to think of as being classy rather than nervous), let's hope your radio interview gets you the wider exposure you deserve.
October 10, 2005   11:10 PM PDT
Thanks a lot, TCM!

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