Entry: First Step on the Long Road Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I hope the Republican party learns a lesson from their stunning defeat last night. As damaging a blow as it was to the country as a whole, we can still hope to turn things around after two years of Jimmy Carter-style fumble-fingered government (double-digit unemployment and "stagflation," with Socialised medicine to boot). Although it may already be too late to stop the march to Socialism entirely by 2010, the Republican party will still be the best chance to do that -- but only if they stop trying to be more Liberal than the Democrats. They have to understand what really happened in 2006 and 2008, and return to the "less is more" style of government that lets people manage (or mismanage) their own lives. McCain had no real hope of capturing the party's Conservative base, and why would Democrats vote for him when they had a perfectly good candidate of their own? But the Republicans cannot recoup their losses without effective leadership. With that in mind, I just wrote the following email to my only Republican Senator, Arlen Spector. I doubt he will do more than laugh, if indeed he ever reads it, but I'd urge anyone who wants to fight for this country to contact your own Republican Senators; call them, write them or email them -- if you still have any. You can find your Senator's contact info here.

"As you know, the Republicans suffered a devastating blow last night. Don't make the mistake of thinking it was because the country has moved to the Left, or that we want a Socialist nanny-state government. The reason the Republicans lost is because you have lost your way. Ronald Reagan once said "a political party cannot be all things to all people," and yet you Washington denizens thought that was the way to win. You were wrong. You nominated John McCain, and he utterly failed to win either the base of your own party or enough Democrats. If you want the Republican party to go the way of the Whigs, Tories and the Bull Moose Party, by all means keep doing what you're doing -- trying to out-Liberal the Democrats. But if you want the party to come roaring back in two years, I strongly urge you to put Tom Coburn in charge as the Senate Minority Leader. He is one of the few Republicans who knows how to bring the party back to power. He never lost touch with the base. He is the only hope that there will even BE a Republican party by 2012."


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