Entry: The Spoiled Generation Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I originally posted this on Word Around the Net guest blogging for Christopher Taylor, on vacation this week.

Listen to these Wall Street protesters, this "Occupy Wall Street" movement that (as the media gleefully tells us) is sweeping the country. Who the heck are these dirty, ignorant people living in deliberate squalor on our streets, and what do they want? The answer is that (excepting the decrepit old hippie contingent desperately trying to recapture the Summer of Love, the union thugs and professional protesters) these are our children, the generation that will run the country after us. We did this to them, or allowed it to be done. They are as we have made them, and what they want is to remain children forever.

This is what comes of a generation told by their parents and teachers that everyone is equally special, that we live in a world where there are no winners and losers. This is the result of teachers refusing to correct errors in red ink for fear of damaging the students' delicate psyches. This is what happens when our education system spends decades (and billions) preaching to children that capitalism is evil because some people do get left behind. When we teach children that everyone is a winner, they all grow up to be losers. Why work hard when everyone wins anyway?

Look at these people. With no thought given to sanitation, food distribution, medical issues or sleeping arrangements they swarm in parks and sit on sidewalks bemoaning the fact that the gravy train ends at 18, or 21. Or maybe 26. Or ever. They've always been cared for by others, and on the cusp of adulthood, they have no idea how to become adults. They demand that someone feed them, take them to the bathroom, entertain them and tuck them in at night. At the age of two, that's cute. At twenty-two, it's pathetic. And yet Democrats, including the President, encourage them -- encourage dependence on government and envy of the rich. A dependent population is a biddable population.

They want banks abolished and free education guaranteed because many of them will soon graduate (or have recently done so) with no idea how to get a job so they can pay the student loans they owe. Perhaps if we had forced them to take classes in Business Administration or Accounting instead of majoring in Angry Women's Studies and Medieval French Poetry, they would.

The protesters want borders abolished because they want others to come cut their lawns, cook their food, wash their dishes and make their beds. They don't even realise that illegals take menial jobs because they can't get any other kind, not because they have a racial predilection for landscaping and vacuuming.

They want a guaranteed "living wage," free housing and free health care, even for the unemployed. With no idea how to earn an honest buck, a government-mandated check is the only way they'll be able to survive in a real world they've never been trained to face. They can't understand that someone has to provide all those things, either directly or through paying taxes. A collectivist system, under which people are forced to work for the benefit of others, has had many labels: fascism, communism, totalitarianism, even slavery. These protesters have never been taught that charity only has moral value when it's voluntary.

Many years ago, it was sometimes said of those who majored in English that they should memorise the phrase "Would you like fries with that?" before graduation. For this generation, an English degree would be a step up -- as would a job at McDonald's. But they've been well trained to reject anything as lowly as a McJob, haven't they? They've been taught to hate capitalism itself, though it has provided them with everything they now demand as a "right." They've been spoiled in both common senses of the word -- pampered into uselessness and allowed to rot. We've let that happen to them. But at least those long-ago English majors would have understood the spectacular, stunning irony of hipsters posting pictures of themselves protesting "corporate greed" in designer clothing on Facebook using their iPhones.

We've seen violence spreading across Europe, as cash-strapped governments are forced to pass "austerity measures" to avoid bankruptcy. That's what happens when entire countries spend beyond their means after promising everything to their people, and borrow to pay the bills instead of cutting down on wasteful spending. Think it can't happen here? That's what these children fear the most: the loss of the "good life" they've come to believe they are owed by the world. When it happens -- and it will -- their fear of and inability to survive in the adult world will become toxic. When an entire generation of spoiled children loses their entitlements, they'll react as children often do when their toys are taken away: with anger.

We'd better focus on teaching the next generation after this properly, because too many of the kids about to enter the adult world will be dependent on their own children for support after their parents have passed on.


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